About Qimma design

We are an amsterdam based design studio that loves a challenge and is always looking to learn something new.

We love to help new businesses, we love the excitement of a new product or service that needs to be launched. We love to be part of this process and to help and guide you with our expertise.

But most of all we love love love design and to make this work  for you company and brand! Design for us is more than an end product it is something that will bring your company to life and that will develope with it, so even when you see the end result and are happy with it we know you will need changes and adjustments  in the long road. Design is a living thing so we treat it as such. It is not art, it serves a purpose!

We love to chat and we love coffee so please get in touch and no matter where your company is based we can discuss your business over a cup of coffee, wether in real life or virtually!

Want to talk to us about your project?

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