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We are new, love design, drink lots of coffee and always come up with creative solutions! We are Qimma Design!

We help you with (re)branding your business, taking it to the next level. Create userfriendly webproducts, to go with your (re)new(ed) brand, and design beautiful layouts for your printing projects. We can help you setting up your digital marketing and social media. And if don’t have time to keep it updated, we can even help you with creating top quality content!

If you are afraid your budget is not enough for our services because you have just started your dream? Don’t be…. we love dreamers and love to help them out. Ask us about our starters package !

And we do this with love for our job and your cause. We do it with a smile , even when things get tough. We are happy when you’re happy.

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We can help you set up your

Social Media

Maybe you are thinking about using social media for your curent business? Or maybe you are already online but have no idea how to get people to like or to follow you on social media. Qimma Design can help you with setting up the right strategy and set up your social accounts for you. Even if you need help with creating content we can lend a helping hand!

We can help with your


There’s a big difference in dressing up a business with nice looking, even great, designs and developing a strong brand. So we don’t just dress up, we make sure your brand is dressed for the right occasion.

We can help you with


You can name it webdesignUX/UI or front-end design, to us it means you need a solid, goodlooking website or web application. One that speaks to your audience in a way they expect from you and can understand and relate to.

We can help you creating your

Print design

Just as important as having a good online appearance, is having a nice high quality set of businesscards, professional looking advertising on the streets or top quality packaging. It tells your costumer what kind of company you have, what level of service they can expect from you.

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See what we have done for our recent clients, and decide what we can do for you……

It was delightful working with Qimma Design, finaly someone understanding my pains.
Work was done fast and just like we discussed! We now have a good online appearance to serve our customers better!
Mr. S. Salem

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